“Every cell in our entire body is destroyed and replaced every seven years. How comforting it is to know that one day I will have a body that you will have never touched.”



A warm body , fingers brushing back hair , arms wrapped around someone tiny, face buried in the crook of his neck . 

Safe .

Safe ?

Large hands holding down a small frame , face buried in a pillow , stop , please stop, sticky white fluid, blood…… it hurts

Scared .


“Post-Traumatic-Stress-disorder – ” , her eyes glance towards zig zag lines forming inflammed matrices on my wrists , ” – and severe depression ” she sighs .”What do I do with you kiddo?”

“Dunno man – ,” I shrug and continue twirling around in the comfy office chair ” -you’re the dude with a M.D and the fancy white coat, not me . ” 

She laughs and leans forward to mess up my hair .

” Do you want to get admitted ?”

Twirling stops .

“Even you think I’m crazy ?”, I whine dejectedly .

“No, not crazy , just a very hurt child “,she sighs.

“Not a child “, I huff in mock anger. 

Though despite that declaration of adulthood I couldn’t resist asking ” I will be allowed to bring my video games there- ”

” –and your school books too, ” she says in a teasing tone .

“Party pooper .”

​-Instruction Manual on how to pass standardised tests-

  • Step 1 : Clean your desk and arrange all your novels alphabetically.
  • Step 2 : Open your clothes cabinet and gaze upon the horror that lies within. Rub your hands gleefully because this shit is gonna take hours .
  • Step 3 : Find some old forgotten photographs or birthday cards and reminisce about the past, remember the time when you were a good kid who never procasinated cause strict Asian parents
  • Step 4 : Make some instant ramen
  • Step 5 : Spill the ramen
  • Step 6 : Clean the mess before your puppy manages to eat it ( can dogs eat ramen , I dunno ?)
  • Step 7 : Take a ” power nap ” for “10 minutes “.
  • Step 8 : Now , it’s 2 hours before the exam and you have 638292992 topics left , let the regret seep into you , feel the panic in your throat as you flip through your notes aggressively while slowly losing hair like someone on chemo .
  • Step 9 : Summon satan and hope the apocalypse delays your test.
  • Step 10 : Thank your memory for retaining some information from your classes cause otherwise you’d be fucked .

Happy Birthday Brat

It’s official now , my baby brother is a proper teenager . See 13 is merely the initiation into teenagehood , 14 is the time where you’ve learnt all the rules and how to get away with breaking them .
Kukukuku *evil laugh* time to introduce him to the dark side .
Here is the card I made for him .

Edit : puns run in the family . This is the card he made for my birthday a week later ( yep 7 days between our birthdays)