The Voice of Violence

Hardwired, embedded
in a young mind,
cauterized and calcified
in premature flesh
and undeveloped bones .

I emerge from the womb,
kicking and screaming.
I’m a latent seed
sowed by primal needs.

A child’s mind is a star,
nurtured by a nebula
of violence,
masquerading as discipline.

A violent vertigo of blows,
both to the psyche and bone,
helps me spread my wings
drenched in sorrow and dejection.

One summer morn’
my protégé spots the seed
in his only begotten son.
Will he let me grow ?
like the one before him(like father like son)

Nipped at the bud,
Encased; and encaged with,
bars made of
love and empathy.

The seed of love,
is sowed and watered
in both,
blank slate and protégé.

Host by my own petard
defeated by a repentent father,
I retreat to diminish,
in their collective subconscious.

A defeated parasite ,
The transient cycle ,
thrawt by one peaceful child.
The voice of violence begins to fade .