Puppy Science

Experiment : Bathe the puppy

Materials required : One middle aged suburban mom , one minecraft obsessed tween , a bored teenager and an energetic puppy .

Hypothesis : Puppies are happy and energetic beings who like to roll around in water and mud .Hence ,puppies like baths .

Additional requirements : fuzzy green Aloe Vera puppy shampoo and an ancient bath tub which was used to bathe said tween and teen as infants .

Procedure :1) Make suburban mom guard bathroom door and capture any slippery puppies which try to escape
2) make tween pour a small amount of shampoo into your hands ( Note:  tween may also rub his eyes and proceed to shriek for 5 mins .This may prolong the experiment )
3) soak wriggling puppy in warm water
4)puppy escapes and three people scramble after said brat
5)repeat step 1,2,3,4 with a firmer grip on your puppy
6)Make tween hold puppy as it wriggles . Apply expensive aloe vera shampoo onto ungrateful puppy (seriously though ,that shampoo is more colourful and fancier than mine )
7)Puppy escapes again
8)Approach adorable puppy covered in froth, with extreme caution .
9)Rub it’s tummy as a sign of trust and kindness
10)Proceed to betray puppy’s trust and scrub puppy with more shampoo.(kid’s gonna have trust issues in the future )
11) Capture puppy and wash away the soap suds .
12) Drape puppy in towel and blow dry fur

Precaution : Puppies can be fascinated or terrified of blow dryers. It may either wriggle away from you , scratch your arms and jump of the bed or it may try to eat the blow dryer .It might do both too .Tough luck mate :/

Observations : Puppy wetness is directly proportional to intensity of puppy butt wriggles .
Dog shampoo hurts human eyes too .
Puppy smells wonderful after bath .
Puppies look adorable bundled up in baby pink towels .
Let no water enter puppy’s ears

Conclusion : Puppies hate baths . Hypothesis failed .