Generic Zombie Story

The head scientist of the CDC ( Centre of Disease Control ) crouched over his desk , feverishly working on the “cure”. Periodically , he would look at the gun on his desk , he could see his glazed pupils reflected back at him on the metallic surface of the firearm .
When “IT” began ,there was mass panic all over the country . People were stashing their possessions into the trunks of their cars and driving into the unknown . All major highways were blocked by traffic congestion . The aura of desperation radiated from every living being in the area . Birds, rodents , canines and insects were fleeing the county , they could sense the stench of faux death lingering over the corpses hiding in the dark.

Carl gave a once over to the windows which were covered by masking tape . He had to make sure there were no little gaps through which a runner could spot them. His family was one of the few who decided to stay back and hold fort in their apartment .

His baby sister was sitting in a high chair , her mouth covered with tomato soup . She saw him looking at her and gurgled at her older brother . Janet’s presence was one of the only things which kept Carl sane . She was a blip , a small reminder of the innocence he lost . The world was in shambles but he would make sure Janet was content .
Carl’s father was hunting for supplies in a nearby supermarket, he was supposed to return before dusk. When the sun set, the runners would awaken . They were not docile when the sun shone but as night approached they became more lethal . Their corpse-white skin was sensitive to the sun , so they lay low during the day . (Carl thinks it’s fortunate that they didn’t use suntan lotion) .Their blood rimmed crazed eyes could see exceptionally well in the dark , the jerking and spasming corpses turned into lethal murder machines at night .
Carl kept glancing at the clock , his heart hammering against his chest . In the dark his father and his rusty pistol were no match for the runners . His father refused to let him join the weekly raid for supplies. He believed that the outside world was too cruel and harsh for his teenage son to experience again . When “IT” began Carl had been caught unawares . They all had been . Carl was having a normal night at his friend’s place when the screeching began that night.

“It ‘s pitch black outside” and “father isn’t home yet” were the two major iterations of thoughts in Carl’s head . Carl quietly held Janet against his chest and cooed at her to ease her whimpering . An inhuman screech could be heard from outside along with the sound of rapidly fading footsteps . The runners were awake .

The pounding on the metallic doors intensified . The head scientist knew that there was no cure . Humanity was doomed and he was foolish for believing that he could save them . He put the gun against his temple.
A single shot rang out in a background of inhuman screeching and pounding . Humanity’s last hope was extinguished